LAD: LateralAccessDevice

takes you back to before the Internet

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Thank you for your interest in our LateralAccessDevice software.

LAD is currently only available to corporate clients. Please contact your corporate administrator or IT department for information on downloading LAD from your company's corporate server.

If you are interested in participating in LAD's public release, please email

At the minimum, you will need a chassis with at least one USB port, at least two Ethernet ports, a motherboard with a 2-core processor and 8GB RAM. No HDD required, if you don't want any storage. If you use a hard drive, you will need at least 4GB RAM. See what hardware we have tested the Lateral Access Device on. Monitor ports are good to have if you want to connect a monitor to LAD, but otherwise you can use a web browser to access your LAD device at

LAD: LateralAccessDevice is software that turns a computer chassis into a high-performance, multi-purpose Internet / network tool that combines multi-dimensional firewalling, network monitoring, access control, packet capture, DNS, NAT and a host of other applications into one easy to use, integrated, high-security package. You can get it already preinstalled on a computer from your own vendor or you can download it directly from this website. The software is the same either way, though the version might be different.