LAD: LateralAccessDevice

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Sample Configurations for Professional Users: Dynamically Capture Individual Switch Port Traffic

In commercial installations LAD can handily provide dynamic packet capture of the traffic on the individual ports on a switch. This could come in very handy in situations where you have several customers provisioned off of the same switch, who you know you will occasionally have to help with debugging and troubleshooting. As illustrated below, one LAD located next to the switch could provide for the dynamic capture of one or more traffic streams, meaning that if you need to troubleshoot a customer's connection or port, you simply direct the switch to mirror the traffic of the desired port to a port correspondent to LAD, and LAD will capture it and take it from there.

With LAD already in place, it can save you a lot of running around time just to deal with setting up packet capture when you have a complaint, but instead gracefully switch on the packet capture from the comfort of your desk and reap the results.