User Guide

User Guide

LPN Membership

LateralAccessDevice is provided as part of your Lateral Private Network (LPN) membership. When your membership expires your access to the LAD user interface will be suspended until your membership is renewed for a new term.

How to Check the Status of Your Membership

To check the status of your membership, login to the user interface and click on “Sys Info.” The LPN Membership Info is the second section on this page. Here you will find the expiration date of your current membership term, your initial join date and option to renew or extend your membership term.

Renewing Membership After the Term has Expired

If your membership term expires before you renew it, when you login to the user interface you will be presented with a notice that your membership term has expired and given the option to apply to renew it. To renew or extend your membership, click on “Apply Now,” select your desired payment method and follow the directions to submit your payment to apply for a new term.

You will not be able to access LAD’s user interface other than the membership renewal option pages until you have renewed your membership for a new term, however, LAD will continue to operate using the settings that were current as of the time the membership expired.

Extending Membership While Term is Still Current

To extend your membership term before the current term expires, from the Main Menu click on “Sys Info” and go to the LPN Membership Info section. Click on “Apply to Extend Membership” and select your desired payment method from the options, then follow the directions to submit a payment.

Payment Codes

LAD uses two different types of payment codes. The code that you receive when making a payment to renew your membership has the format "LAD0208-XXXXX" and is for use only as a reference code to give to third party payment processors when sending a payment. It is a payment processing code only and may not be used for any other purpose. This type of payment code gets "used up" and disappears once it is used to successfully make a payment.

The other code that LAD uses is a longer alpha-numeric code, and is a code that you may receive from someone else to input into your LAD for to satisfy a payment. If when you apply this code it has any value, that value will be applied, for example, to an application fee.

Once assigned payment codes are persistent and the system remembers only one code at a time. If you are in a situation where an old code persists and you want to get a new code, set the current payment code field to blank, then make a new request (this is also what you should do should a payment code get stuck).

Resolving Payment Code Issues

Please note that if you repeatedly request payment codes but do not use them to transmit a payment, the system may at one point block issuance of new payment codes. If this happens, you can address it by re-booting LAD. In some cases, however, you may need to reinstall LAD and start afresh with a new account. Under normal circumstances this sort of block is not likely to occur. LAD technical support would not be able to resolve payment code blocking issues as they would not have visibility into this circumstance.

For your privacy and security LAD technical support has no visibility into your LAD's payment code processing nor does it have access to your LAD. LAD's payment processing is a self-service automatic payment processing system. Most issues that you may run into with it may be addressed by rebooting LAD.

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