LAD: LateralAccessDevice

takes you back to before the Internet

LateralAccessDevice Networking OS

Commercial-Grade Switch, Packet Capture, Monitoring and Control that is Easy, Effective and Usable

LateralAccessDevice™ (LAD for short) is commercial-grade all-in-one OS for network management, monitoring, packet capture, supervision, switching, routing and control that takes only minutes to get up and going on your hardware. The cutting edge technology is easy and intuitive for everybody to use.

LAD provides reliability and flexibility to both IT professionals, software developers, network engineers and busy moms who need practical, effective tools to help them with the daily flow of data and communications on their home or office network and Internet connection. In addition to network monitoring, troubleshooting and debugging, LAD closes the most common vulnerabilities on home and business networks with full transparency and control.

Whether it is a question of monitoring network traffic flows, shining a light on shadow IT, restricting BYODs, quarantining computers and other devices new to the computer network, combatting spyware and malware, or blocking ad tracking and online profiling, LAD brings it all out into the open with full packet capture, DNS-based monitoring and filtering, control over intra- and extra-network communications, and much more. Automatic reports provide at-a-glance views of your network, while LateralDNS sets strict human-readable boundaries (including time of day), including for when the kids (or adults) are allowed on Facebook and YouTube.

As a tool LAD is suitable for professionals, yet designed for simplicity. Anyone who is capable of using the Internet in any capacity can utilize and benefit from it without needing much knowledge of the Internet or how it works. LAD automates networking tasks without dumbing them down or sacrificing the tools that network professionals need.

LAD monitors both the aggregate and the minute with full and accurate packet capture, letting you keep tabs on network traffic both in full and in specific, from network-wide communications down to the level of individual devices and applications. LAD is also equipped with LateralDNS for creating and enforcing access rules based on domain name; LateralFirewall, a multidimensional firewalling technology that lets you isolate and segregate individual devices; and LateralTime for secure GPS-derived time.

WIth LAD, the reach of the Internet into your network can be as expansive or as restrictive as you wish, allowing the implementation of variable monitoring and control over network communications, based on time of day, day of week, recipient and/or sender. LAD lets you adjust the level of security for your networked devices as appropriate to their role, sensitivity and function, so that your internal file server need not be as promiscuous as your email server.

No reconfiguration of your current networking equipment or other software or operating system is necessary. All you need is compatible hardware and a few minutes of your time (most of which is spent waiting as the software automatically installs and configures itself), and you will be able to experience a new, transparent way of managing your network — see exactly what is going on on your Internet connection, segregate your networked devices from each other (and prevent your fridge from conspiring with your TV to burn down the house) and gain immediate control. It is easy and intuitive, while giving you commercial-grade, GPS-powered packet capture timestamped to 1/1,000,000 sec.


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