LAD: LateralAccessDevice

takes you back to before the Internet

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LateralAccessDevice™ (LAD for short) is commercial-grade all-in-one software for network management, supervision, routing and control that anyone can use, from a parent with little knowledge about how networking works, but who wishes to moderate his or her family's exposure to the Internet, to professionals such as software developers and network engineers who need practical, effective tools to help them in their daily work life with network monitoring, troubleshooting and debugging. It reveals what was before hidden in all the bits and bytes going here and there and lets you do something about it, whether it is limiting social media time, cutting off communications to questionable overseas websites, isolating your work laptop from the rest of your home network, quarantining BYODs and other devices and computers new to the office network, or blocking ad tracking and online profiling.

  • LAD is equipped with LateralDNS, LateralFirewall and LateralTime technologies
    • LateralDNS gives you the ability to create and enforce access rules, including device-specific rules, based on domain name with day and time scheduling
    • LateralFirewall is a multidimensional firewalling technology that lets you isolate the individual devices of your network from each other, giving you peace of mind that even if one device is compromised or malicious, it would not be able to access or even see the other devices on the network
    • LateralTime provides a secure source for GPS-derived time for your entire network
    • These features work transparently, without requiring reconfiguration of any devices
  • LAD generates and stores automatic, daily reports on all Internet and network activity plus device-specific activities
  • Commercial-grade packet capture with 1/10,000,000 of a second timestamping
  • Drop-in replacement for or add-on to existing equipment in a self-contained, standalone unit
  • No reconfiguration of your current equipment or other software or operating system required
  • Download module and it is up and running and delivering results in minutes
  • LAD runs on your own hardware, making it possible to recycle old desktop equipment for a new purpose

LAD does not require Windows, Linux or any other OS nor any knowledge of networking commands or conventions. It runs on a separate, dedicated computer, which need neither be fancy nor new. Installation and set up are very simple: make a bootable USB stick with the LAD installer, insert it in the designated computer, boot it up and wait as the software installs itself automatically, converting the computer into a LateralAccessDevice™ system. Then, simply connect all of your other computers and devices to LAD for unparalleled network visibility and control, all at blazing fast speeds.

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