takes you back to before the Internet

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LateralAccessDevice Networking OS

Commercial-Grade Switch, Packet Capture, Monitoring and Control that is Easy, Effective and Usable

Before the Internet things were simple.

It was clear that you controlled your computer (and your VCR, telephone, fridge and dishwasher). But who controls your electronics today? You can hope that it is you who lowered the temperature of your thermostat to frigid, but after it happens one too many times, you may wish it couldn't connect to the Internet on its own.

LateralAccessDevice provides network visibility, control and routing all in one integrated, easy-to-use software package.

LateralAccessDevice (LAD, for short) is the cutting-edge network tool that gives both speed and control, to those who want it, for both wired and wireless networking (2.4Ghz plus the latest Wi-Fi 6E for 5G and 6G bands supported). Available as a software module that you load onto a computer to re-birth it into a state-of-the-art network appliance, it gives you immediate and comprehensive control and visibility into what is going on, on both wired and Wi-Fi networks.

Have you ever wondered who may be browsing the Internet with you? Or if you were the only one accessing your security camera feed? With LAD you get the answers, but most importantly, with one click you can disable the would-be co-watchers, the adware and the spyware. Those pesky spies wanting to use your own computer against you will just... time out. That friendly neighbor (who may not be your neighbor at all), will have to find someone else's Wi-Fi network to lurk in.

Without further ado, try it out. Join our Lateral network for people who just want what they had before the Internet: no rogue/double-agent appliances, no phones having their own private communications and no computers moonlighting for someone else. You should be the master of your own tools and decide when to share them, or not.