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Features: DNS

LAD's domain name resolution service lets you control DNS at a granular level, making it possible both to resolve domain names and block the resolution of specific names, for example, to prevent adware and spyware from connecting to their control servers – to the programs it will simply appear as if their control servers are offline.

By placing DNS service right on your own LAD device you are in control, with no intermediaries, so you know for sure that whatever resolution of a domain name happened was true and correct at the time. Even if someone hack's your ISP's domain name server, it would not affect you. Even if you get a virus that changes the settings on your computer to go to a false domain name server (a common tactic), LAD's DNS service would block this off so you get true resolution.

DNS is a critical element of the Internet's infrastructure, but one that often gets overlooked or taken for granted. As such, it gets frequently exploited. A hacked DNS server may allow resolution of most domain names normally, except for the domain name of your financial institutation it may send you first to the hacker's server, so that your communications with your financial institution's website pass through and passwords get harvested by their server. You would likely never know that they inserted themselves, because the appearance and functions of the website would appear completely normal. In this situation a standard firewall would have no effect because the traffic passing through would appear normal and not trigger any red flags. By using LAD's DNS services, you remove the possibility of being caught by this exploit as LAD itself would cross-reference the domain names and check directly with the domain registries and specific individual servers to confirm that they are who they say they are.

While LAD protects you from DNS exploits and hacks affecting the DNS settings on your own PC, you could still be vulnerable if a legitimate domain name server gets hacked as neither LAD, nor a firewall nor antivirus would have a way to verify whether a legitimate domain name server is operating properly or has been compromised.

Other LAD Features

  • Multi-Dimensional Firewall: Thousands of sophisticated rules let you control specifically what is allowed and what is not allowed, down to as granular a level as you like [read more].
  • Date & Time Scheduling: Want your computer to disconnect at the end of the day, when you do? LAD's scheduling features let you cut off Internet access partially or fully on a schedule of your choosing.
  • Packet Capture: LAD's packet capture feature lets you capture as much or as little of the Internet and network traffic as you like. This information comes in handy should a network incident require investigation [read more].
  • Network Visualization: This fancy term means that LAD can visually plot network activity on a graph.
  • NAT: Network address translation obscures private/internal IP addresses from the public internet, so that only the Internet-facing IP address is used for communications leaving the private/internal network.
  • DNS: LAD's domain name resolution feature lets you control DNS at a granular level, making it possible both to resolve domain names and block the resolution of specific names, for example, to prevent adware and spyware from connecting to their control servers [read more].
  • Switching & Routing: LAD provides switching and routing services, meaning you can plug all of your devices directly into your LAD without an intervening switch or router.
  • Remote Access Control: Lets you securely access specific devices or applications from a remote location on demand, without opening up your network to the whole Internet. LAD grants access on a per-device and per-application basis, meaning that access is only granted to your specific remote device or application and only for the time that you need it.
  • Local Access Control: Locally you can limit which devices on the network can talk to each other and with the Internet, as well as specify the types of communications allowed [read more].
  • Daily Activity Report: Automatic daily reports on aggregate network traffic give you an overview into your network traffic, plus individual graphs on bandwidth usage for each device on your network.


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LAD: LateralAccessDevice is software that turns a computer chassis into a high-performance, multi-purpose Internet / network tool that combines multi-dimensional firewalling, network monitoring, access control, packet capture, DNS, NAT and a host of other applications into one easy to use, integrated, high-security package. You can get it already preinstalled on a computer from your own vendor or you can download it directly from this website. The software is the same either way, though the version might be different.