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Features: SIP Server and VoIP PBX

LAD Makes Your Voice Heard

LAD's SIP server and VoIP PBX provide fully integrated VoIP calling via SIP protocol, with a number of practical call flow processing features. LAD's SIP server may be used in one of two modes of operation, one where it simply receives call data from your VoIP service provider and passes it on to your VoIP telephone (which retains its current SIP account and password information), and a second where LAD registers the SIP line with your provider and then you register one or more VoIP devices with LAD and enjoy LAD's built-in advanced PBX features.


LAD's ability to isolate the VoIP telephone sets and other SIP clients on your local network from the Internet makes them essentially invisible from the outside. LAD essentially acts as the client device to your service provider and as the service provider to your telephone sets, essentially hiding your VOIP telephone sets and SIP clients from the Internet, while still keeping their call capabilities. This provides tremendous advantages in terms of the privacy and security of these devices.

In the years since the advent of VoIP, VoIP telephones have shown themselves easy prey, susceptible to compromise and frequently exploited as vectors of attack. These devices also contain a lot of information about your communications, including call data and activity logs. Attackers could further compromise your privacy by programming your telephone sets to route your calls elsewhere, so they can listen in as you discuss private or business matters without your knowledge.

With LAD, however, external access to your VoIP telephone sets and SIP devices is cut off from the Internet, meaning would-be attackers have no way to detect where they are and get to them. It also works in the opposite direction, preventing your telephone sets from surreptitiously uploading or downloading information to and from third parties. But your calls still go through.

The most obvious benefit of the first mode of operation is its simplicity, with no need to re-program your current VoIP telephones and other SIP clients. Just as beneficial, however, is the increased security. In this mode, your VoIP telephones and other SIP devices are virtually invisible outside of your network. LAD only passes the traffic specifically related to making and receiving calls and the functions auxiliary to it (e.g., voicemail alerts, call hold and call transfer), but not any attempts by outsiders to access your telephones from the Internet nor attempts by your telephone to reach out other than for calling purposes, without your say so.

With the second mode of operation, you may engage LAD's sophisticated call processing capabilities and advanced features, while still enjoying the benefits of hiding your telephone sets and SIP devices from the wide-open environment of the Internet.

With LAD you also have the option of registering external VoIP telephone sets and SIP devices, making it possible to seamlessly integrate users located outside of your local network into your call processing system, without additional charges or complicated call forwarding arrangements.

Complete, Fully-Featured VoIP PBX

LAD's VoIP PBX system offers the following features:

  • Multi-line ringing (aka ring groups)
  • Internal extensions
  • Voicemail boxes with scheduling for variable greetings
  • Email alerts of new voicemails
  • Call forwarding
  • Cascading menus
  • Call holding queues
  • Variable call processing schedules based on time of day, day of week and calendar date
  • Variable call processing based on incoming call source
  • Switches to manually change call processing behavior

LAD's SIP server additionally gives users the option of registering external SIP devices to it (that is, devices that are located outside of your local network), which would allow external telephones to participate in the VoIP PBX call processing, with all of its features and convenience. This is particularly handy for work-from-home and hybrid working arrangements, where a user may need telephone service at more than one location (users may even manually direct incoming calls on their extensions to ring on different devices or schedule them with different ring patterns or call destinations at different times).

Full SIP Server Capabilities

Since LAD provides full SIP server capabilities, it makes it possible to connect both local and remote SIP devices such as VoIP telephones, VoIP adapters and free applications like SIPDroid that users can install on their cell phones, tablets and PCs and place calls through LAD from practically anywhere and any device. You can further assign private telephone numbers or extensions to any of the VoIP devices registered with LAD, making it possible to easily call between any of them for free and for any of them to make external calls to the public telephone system through LAD (though if you want a completely private telephone system, you can forgo subscribing to any telephone carriers entirely and still be able to place calls between any VoIP/SIP device registered with LAD — the choice is yours).

In addition to being able to connect to larger VoIP carriers, LAD's SIP server can connect you to a number of smaller wholesalers who may offer cheaper rates to specific national or international destinations. That is not to say you have to ditch your current VoIP carrier — on the contrary, you can keep your current VoIP telephone service and enhance it with more choices and options, contracting for minutes with any VoIP service provider you choose (and as many as you may choose).

Simplified Setup

Setting up SIP calling and VoIP PBX features with LAD, however, does not require a massive overhaul of your current equipment or calling arrangements. LAD presents its SIP server and VoIP PBX features in an intuitive web-based graphical user interface, for easy setup.

An initial quick start to using LAD is as simple as entering the Auth Name (may be also referred to as the User Name), Password and sometimes the server name used by your current VoIP telephone (or other device). LAD will automatically register the account with your VoIP provider externally and connect to your VoIP telephone locally, without making any changes to your account with your VoIP provider or reprogramming your VoIP telephone. This gets you up and running, and you can explore LAD's call processing capabilities at your leisure, without altering or taking your current service or equipment off line.

Other LAD Features

  • SIP server and VoIP PBX: Fully integrated VoIP calling via SIP protocol, with a number of practical call flow processing features.
  • Wi-Fi for 2.4Ghz, 5G and 6G: Full support of the latest Wi-Fi 6E for both 5G and 6G wi-fi networks plus the mainstay 2.4Ghz band lets you connect, protect and manage a wide range of Wi-Fi clients [read more].
  • Wireless Router: In addition to all its other features, LAD serves as a great wireless router, able to operate in all three bands, whether as a triband, dual-band or [read more].
  • Lateral Firewall: Thousands of sophisticated rules let you control specifically what is allowed and what is not allowed, down to as granular a level as you like, with device-specific, date-specific and time-specific variability [read more].
  • Date & Time Scheduling: Want your computer to disconnect at the end of the day, when you do? LAD's scheduling features let you cut off Internet access partially or fully on a schedule of your choosing [read more].
  • LateralDNS: Simplify and streamline the blocking of unwanted online content and services using domain names for consistent and reliable results [read more].
  • Packet Capture: LAD's packet capture feature lets you capture as much or as little of the Internet and network traffic as you like. This information comes in handy should a network incident require investigation [read more].
  • NAT: Network address translation obscures private/internal IP addresses from the public internet, so that only the Internet-facing IP address is used for communications leaving the private/internal network.
  • DNS: LAD's DNS services monitor and control domain name resolution with no intermediaries, making you impervious to DNS-based exploits and vulnerabilities [read more].
  • Switching & Routing: LAD provides switching and routing services, meaning you can plug all of your devices directly into your LAD without an intervening switch or router.
  • Local Access Control: Locally you can limit which devices on the network can talk to each other and with the Internet, as well as specify the types of communications allowed [read more].
  • Automatic Activity Report: LAD generates reports every eight hours, giving you an overview of your network traffic, plus individual graphs on bandwidth usage for each device on your network.
  • LateralTime: Use LAD's LateralTime feature to sychronize the devices on your network to the same time.
  • Network Management & Monitoring: LAD provides a number of tools for network management and troubleshooting, including ping monitors, Wi-Fi monitoring, LAN and WAN activity monitoring, new device detection and individual client management.


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