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Features: Local Access Control

LAD's lateral access segregation gives you the control over who can communication with whom, letting you segregate computers and other local devices as you see best to improve security and operability. You can also schedule devices to be inaccessible during certain hours. In the office this means that you decide whether the file server should be accessible outside business hours, or whether computers from different workgroups should be able to freely send data communications back and forth, or whether a computer with sensitive information should be generally accessible or only accessible to the computers of users who actually need it. At home you can isolate your work computer from the kids' gaming consoles and tablets, as well as limit the reach of a school-issued computer into the rest of your home network to increase the security and privacy of all devices.

The practice of lateral access segregation has been recognized as one of the most economical and effective ways of preventing the spread of malware and the propagation of network problems across the LAN. As CISA (the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) states, "A securely segregated network can contain malicious occurrences, reducing the impact from intruders.... Allowing unfiltered peer-to-peer communications... creates serious vulnerabilities..." (quoted from CISA TIP ST18-001, published February 1, 2021).

Previous implementations were costly and prone to bugs due to the use of VLANs plus multiple separate pieces of equipment to segregate traffic and route it through firewalls. LAD, on the other hand, provides lateral access segregation and routing in one neat package. The system configures itself for lateral access segregation automatically, relieving users of numerous configuration headaches and allowing granular management of individual devices. The system identifies individual devices by MAC address, making it possible for even users with no background in networking or computing to achieve spectacular results in security and management through lateral access segregation.

The versatility of LAD's lateral access segregation features allows you to both remain connected and be disconnected at the same time, enjoying the connections to the things you want when you want them and blocking out the things that you don't.

Other LAD Features

  • Wi-Fi for 2.4Ghz, 5G and 6G: Full support of the latest Wi-Fi 6E for both 5G and 6G wi-fi networks plus the mainstay 2.4Ghz band lets you connect, protect and manage a wide range of Wi-Fi clients [read more].
  • Wireless Router: In addition to all its other features, LAD serves as a great wireless router, able to operate in all three bands, whether as a triband, dual-band or [read more].
  • Lateral Firewall: Thousands of sophisticated rules let you control specifically what is allowed and what is not allowed, down to as granular a level as you like, with device-specific, date-specific and time-specific variability [read more].
  • Date & Time Scheduling: Want your computer to disconnect at the end of the day, when you do? LAD's scheduling features let you cut off Internet access partially or fully on a schedule of your choosing [read more].
  • LateralDNS: Simplify and streamline the blocking of unwanted online content and services using domain names for consistent and reliable results [read more].
  • Packet Capture: LAD's packet capture feature lets you capture as much or as little of the Internet and network traffic as you like. This information comes in handy should a network incident require investigation [read more].
  • NAT: Network address translation obscures private/internal IP addresses from the public internet, so that only the Internet-facing IP address is used for communications leaving the private/internal network.
  • DNS: LAD's DNS services monitor and control domain name resolution with no intermediaries, making you impervious to DNS-based exploits and vulnerabilities [read more].
  • Switching & Routing: LAD provides switching and routing services, meaning you can plug all of your devices directly into your LAD without an intervening switch or router.
  • Local Access Control: Locally you can limit which devices on the network can talk to each other and with the Internet, as well as specify the types of communications allowed [read more].
  • Automatic Activity Report: LAD generates reports every eight hours, giving you an overview of your network traffic, plus individual graphs on bandwidth usage for each device on your network.
  • LateralTime: Use LAD's LateralTime feature to sychronize the devices on your network to the same time.
  • Network Management & Monitoring: LAD provides a number of tools for network management and troubleshooting, including ping monitors, Wi-Fi monitoring, LAN and WAN activity monitoring, new device detection and individual client management.


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