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No “Expert” Needed: Computer Network Management at Your Fingertips

Large technology corporations catering their expensive (“elite”) wares to the select few have forgotten that it is the small businesses and the scrappy bootstrappers that are the backbone of the US economy. We remember, and we know that with the right tools you can and will manage your business, from nuts and bolts to bits and bytes and beyond.

When you need to get your business going, you want to focus on your business. The last thing you need is a day spent shopping around for a computer “expert” to fix up or expand your network (let alone their expensive bill). If you’ve gone this route before, you know that they will likely recommend equipment that is more than you want to spend and that you cannot maintain or manage on your own (requiring future expensive “expert” visits). As you may suspect, you do not need the most expensive or most complicated solution for managing your network – you need something that works, yet is simple to install, maintain and manage for a non-expert, so that you can get back to the business of, well, your business.

This is not to dismiss the undisputed security issues that any computer network faces – they are real, but addressing them requires common sense and a robust, practical solution. With the right tools, however, you do not need to be an expert, nor hire an expert, to securely expand your network or enable secure access for telecommuting or a mobile workforce. We, IPCopper, Inc., have been in business since 2009 supplying robust, effective network appliances to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. We have adapted and made available our high-performance and richly-featured technology in a package accessible to you, to aid you in growing into our next Fortune 500 client. We want to help you succeed with a networking product that is real, proven and supports the way you work.

With our technology, LateralAccessDevice, you need not forgo the technologies and working arrangements available to larger companies who can afford to pay computer experts to combine security with appropriate accessibility and then manage it day to day. Whether you are bootstrapping it or merely keeping a practical eye on expenses and the utility of the technology and equipment you pay for and use, LateralAccessDevice addresses the real needs of small businesses for the flexibility and security necessary to keep the business humming along through the expected and unexpected events the world throws at them.

LateralAccessDevice is software that you can download and install on your own computer (and it need not be a new or expensive one, either) that converts it into a high-end network switch/appliance that makes it possible to:

  • Easily restrict access for security. Your computer network doesn’t need to be open to everyone all the time. With LateralAccessDevice you can choose when and where to allow access, reducing your network’s so-called “attack surface” to a minimum.
  • Securely allow selective access to telecommuters or a mobile workforce. Even if you lockdown your network to the outside, you can selectively enable appropriate and secure access to your trusted associates of just the network resources or applications they need to do their jobs, and no more.
  • Isolate critical and sensitive equipment from non-critical elements of your computer network. Every network has some servers or other equipment that are more critical to business operations or contain more sensitive information than others. To reduce costly disruptions, it is important to protect this equipment from even the other computers on the same network in the event of a hack or malware infection. With LateralAccessDevice you can limit accessibility to only the specific computers and programs that need it and only at the times needed.
  • Enable secure communications between resources within the network and employees working outside of the office.

LAD: LateralAccessDevice is software that turns a computer chassis into a high-performance, multi-purpose Internet / network tool that combines multi-dimensional firewalling, network monitoring, access control, packet capture, DNS, NAT and a host of other applications into one easy to use, integrated, high-security package. LAD takes you back to before the Internet!