User Guide

User Guide

Network Security / LateralFirewall

In addition to the Access Controls explained in Chapter 7, LAD incorporates LateralFirewall technology, which lets you firewall your network from the outside and inside, by segregating your local devices from one another within the network as well as from the Internet.

By default devices are not allowed access to other devices on the local network. To enable local access for a specific device, go to the device’s settings page and checkmark “Allow Local Access” (remember to save settings before exiting the page). This makes the individual device locally discoverable and accessible. For two separate devices to be able to find each other on the network, both must have “Allow Local Access” checkmarked.

As discussed in the Introduction under "Possible Topologies Using LAD," placing an intervening device (such as a switch or router) between LAD and a client device would weaken LAD's ability to monitor, control and segregate the traffic of the individual client devices connected to the intervening router or switch. LAD's LateralFirewall capabilities are strongest for the client devices that are directly connected to LAD.














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